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Global Pay-TV subscribers reached 1.05bn in Q2 2017

October 23rd, 2017

As one researched data show, the global Pay-TV subscribers reached 1.05 billion after crossing the one billion marks for the year ending 2016, 60 million Pay-TV subscribers were added between the Q2 of 2016 and Q2 of 2017. Asia-Pacific with 8% quarter on quarter growth, is among the highest growing Pay-TV market in terms of subscribers. Apart from the negative growth of North America, all other regions have grown modestly from the Q2 of 2016 to Q2 of 2017, showing a growth rate of 1% to 4% quarter on quarter for pay-TV subscribers.

Such global demands create both challenges in security and opportunities in Pay-TV industry. ABV INTERNATIONAL can provide whole range of security and value-added solutions.

To provide protections to operators, ABV has developed a whole series of security solutions independently. With ABV CA System, ABV Advanced CA System, and ABV Cardless CA System, we can always provide the ultimate protections for the content and revenue. Whether Terrestrial, Cable, Satellite, IP or Hybrid Networks, with or without external hardware, we all able to adjust to your specific requirements.

ABV MagiCube middleware is the integration of our products and solutions into a single platform, which can be easily managed through a user friendly interface. The system variable configuration can be customized at any time to keep it up-to-date with the market needs.