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OTT. The New Normal.

August 17th, 2017

Various research houses, which have been watching the trend closely, report increasing penetration for streaming video and OTT. The Diffusion Group reported that OTT is gaining consumers. Similarly, related research pieces suggesting that OTT is becoming the new normal. One indicated that more broadband households surveyed subscribe to VoDs, with other OTT services trailing far behind. The other indicated an increasing in broadband households watching Internet video on a TV screen – long the turf of traditional pay TV services – rather than just on PCs.

Perhaps more interestingly, some leading service providers began to change video services to streaming model which suggests that they treat streaming as the wave of the future. They have also been virtualizing as much of its infrastructure as it can, and a streaming model makes lots of sense in that context.

OTT, basing on network of operator, is providing content directly to customers. As a result, OTT providers are monopolizing profit from content, which network operators is actually been isolated from. Therefore, OTT is the new normal, which requires protection all the way from head ends to client ends.

ABV OTT DRM Solution provides full protections on both head ends and client ends by integrating PlayReady Servers and PlayReady Clients, which enables operators to launch advanced services confident that the pre-integrated service platform meets their needs, and offers them a low-threshold entry into a world of new and exciting business opportunities.