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未标题-3ABV International’s efforts to improve the security of digital content has resulted in the CAS Advanced Security Series. This high security chip is a perfect solution for operators aiming for the highest level of security as their main priority.

Whether Terrestrial, Cable, Satellite, IP or Hybrid Networks, the ABV ACAS solves all the vulnerability problems found in the communication paths between smart-cards and set-top-boxes. This enables the broadcasters to increase their deployments with ease and to extend the services offered without affecting the existing users.

The highest levels of encryption are achieved by avoiding the sharing of the Control Word (CW). The CW is encrypted between the smart card and CPU, and can only be decrypted inside the CPU.  Every key to decrypt the CW is unique to each CPU.


We provide secure boot-loader in STBs. The software running in the STB can’t be altered or falsified. When the STB’s are booting up, the CPU will verify the software’s authenticity signature, once verified, the software starts running, in the event of an invalid signature, the STB will not boot up.

The debugging interface of the STB’s are automatically locked once the software is delivered. In order to unlock the interface while avoiding the risk of hacking or any other unverified activity, only the unique key to each CPU will be used.


** The ABV ACAS requires end-to-end deployment including ABV CAS headend upgrading and STB integration with ABV ACAS.

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