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Nowadays, viewers are accessing content in various type of devices, including TV, PC, tablet, smartphone, STB etc. In order to offer secure content, OTT or multiscreen solution has become the key step for operators.

ABV has become Microsoft approved partner on PlayReady DRM technology, and successfully integrated Microsoft PlayReady into our own OTT DRM solution. With the scalable and field-proven platforms, our OTT DRM can help to protect and enforce content viewing rules, the pre-integration technology and encoder manufacturers, providing flexibility with concurrent stream management.


1. Extended CA system architecture

ABV OTT DRM solution can add DRM components to an existing ABV CAS broadcast or head-end without replacing or duplicating previously deployed components. OTT DRM Management will deploy DRM security solution and then expand to support CAS without smart card.

2. Secure content on any device

With ABV OTT DRM, the encrypted content is available on various device, including Smart TV, PC, tablet, smartphone, STB etc., also multi-platforms, including iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows and so on.

3. Easily reaching Multi-screen

By embracing the ABV multiscreen solution, operators are able to fully engage viewers in a personalized way, while maintaining the flexibility of a modular format. PC, tablet, mobile or the traditional set-top-box can all be incorporated into a multiscreen solution. Broadcasters can utilize various subscription models to best fit desired business models, for example, pay-per-view or revenue generation from advertisements.

4. High Security of Encryption

  • Symmetric key algorithm – Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
  • AES/ECC algorithm for content encryption
  • ECC ElGamal algorithm for content keys encryption


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