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Push VOD System

Push VODOur Push VOD System helps broadcasters  deliver data packages in a cost-effective manner. It is extremely useful in providing services to locations with a difficult access or with low infrastructure. Our system can deliver data at a very high speed everywhere within the satellite range.

The system is fully integrated with our DRM, so you can be sure that monetizing the content won’t be a problem.

Before the content is uploaded to the ABV Push VOD System, the DRM will encrypt, manage and set a price to the content accordingly to the operators plan.

Once the valued content is uploaded to the ABV Push VOD Server, a pushing schedule is set so you can choose the time period and frequency of each file on the server.

With DVB-S2 the bitrate on a single transponder can be as high as 40/50 Mbps. which is faster than the common Internet bandwidth of most households.

The system architecture of ABV Push VOD System:push2

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