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Conditional Access System (CAS)

4The ABV CA System was developed by our engineers to provide the ultimate protection for your content and revenue.

Our Company’s priority is to provide a tailor-made solution with a customized approach. Our customers can expect all the products to transform and adjust to their specific requirements. The performance can be achieved as per customer needs enabling the client to grow at a smooth pace with our smart card and embedded security.

ABV’s CA System supports full integration with a multitude of consumer devices and solutions. This allows our customers to have full control over the design and implementation of a specific business model. Whether it maybe  cable,satellite, terrestrial, IP or hybrid network, our CA System can adapt and help you provide a wider range of services and options.

Basic Features

  • Basic attributes of subscription channels (PPC/PPV/Free/Floating View/Teasing)
  • STB control (Recording/Search/Channel control; Lock/unlock/Reset/Restart STB)
  • Notified STB upgrades
  • Regional restrictions
  • Adult content restrictions
  • Pin code restrictions
  • PPC (Pay-Per-Channel) authorization and de-authorization
  • PPV message popups and purchases
  • CAS Mail / FLASH Messages (General / Group / Unique)
  • Fingerprinting (General / Group / Unique / Channel)
  • SC-STB pairing by terminal / head-end
  • Audience ratings and electronic wallet
  • Master-slave card


Advanced Security Features


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