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ABV CAS – Card-less CAS

5ABV International’s Card-less CAS is a Conditional Access Solution that doesn’t require external hardware like smart cards.

By establishing a communication protocol with the Chipset Manufacturer, we integrate the decoding algorithm and key into the on-board chip of the set-top-box that helps to significantly reduce the costs. In addition, it implements different tools such as over-the-air updates, to prevent unnecessary decoding.

The ABV Card-less CAS solves the vulnerability problems found on the communication by removing the implementation of smart-cards, enabling broadcasters to increase their deployments with ease and to extend the services offered without affecting the existing users.



Safety: Over-the-air updates, built in CAS, STB supported by SAC

Low Cost: Software based solution reduces hardware cost

Security: Reduced reading problems on EMM information caused by poor contact.


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